Our Curriculum

At Morden we are very proud of our exciting and stimulating cross-curricular approach to learning. Below are just some of the strengths Ofsted noted in our last inspection report (March 2014).

‘Pupils have opportunities across the curriculum to practise and apply their speaking, reading, writing and mathematical skills.’
‘Teachers use the well-established links across subjects to deepen pupils’ understanding and help pupils empathise with others.’
‘Pupils progressively acquire a range of reading skills, including secure phonic awareness, which they use to tackle increasingly complex texts. Reading is well promoted in school so pupils develop a love of books. They are particularly proud of their Alice in Wonderland-themed library and use the attractive reading areas available in their classrooms to further their enjoyment of reading. ‘

We have created Medium Term Plans which show the learning that takes place in each year group. Every year group has plans showing the curriculum content taught in each term , and through which topic.

Each year group has a topic focus which can vary in length from a couple of weeks to a whole term. Each topic is led by a particular subject, such as History, Geography or Science and then as many other subjects are linked to this as possible. This approach helps the children to see links between subjects and also how subjects fit into their world. There are times when subjects have to be taught discretely because we do not make tenuous links. RE, for example, is identified separately on our Medium Term Plans.

Maths is also taught separately but children are made aware that we often use mathematical knowledge in other areas of the curriculum. We have adopted the Singapore Maths method of teaching from Early Years, up to Year 3. This approach is also used as a resource in the other KS2 classes.

If you would like more information about the curriculum you can visit the Government website by clicking here

Click the links to view our Term plans for each year group.