Phonics / Reading


At Morden Primary School we view reading as a key life skill, which allows children to make progress in all areas of the curriculum. We promote a love of reading through: our ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed library; regular pyjama days to promote reading at home in bed; opportunities to read (and be read to) at playtime in our outdoor classroom; and reward programs for reading.
We expect every child to read at home at least 5 times a week and this is acknowledged through our Hummingbird reward program. Books are changed regularly and children are given the opportunity to select from a wide variety of texts.
We embed the teaching of reading as a skill across the curriculum, using the National Curriculum objectives as our guide. The children experience shared reading (as a class); guided reading (small groups) and individual reading (one to one).
We use programs such as: The Power of Reading, Talk for Writing and the Accelerated Readers program.


Phonics is taught explicitly and through our daily Literacy lessons in the Early years and Key Stage 1. In Key Stage 2 phonics intervention programs are run for those children who require extra support.
We use Letters and Sounds as our guide for teaching the phases and make it interactive and fun through the use of Jolly Phonics.

Children’s progress in phonics is monitored closely though the use of individual phonics assessment booklets, spelling tests, the Year 1 phonics screening and regular assessment and moderation of children’s written work.