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School Dinners

Cost for School Dinners 2019

  • Cost per day = £2.12

  • Cost per week = £10.60

The cost of School dinners for the Autumn term will be £152.64, which is broken down as follows:

  • Autumn Term 2019 1st half of term = £67.84 (32 days)

  • Autumn Term 2019 2nd half of term = £84.80 (40 days)

Please follow the instructions below:

Please let the office know on a Monday morning by 10am if you would like your child to receive school meals.

You do not need to inform the office if your meal pattern will stay the same as the previous week.

If you would like to make changes to your child’s dinner pattern after this, you will need to complete a ‘Changes Request Form’ obtainable from the school office. All children in Yellow, Red and Green class meals are free BUT the above expectations for ordering meals will still apply.

School meals for all children in year 3 – 6 (unless you qualify free school meals) will need to be paid for via Parent Pay. Please ensure your account is in credit as once an account has an overdue balance of £25, we cannot supply a school dinner and you will be asked to bring in a packed lunch until this balance is cleared.

Those that do not wish to have a Parent Pay account, a payment card can be issued at a cost of £2.00. For information on this, please speak to Mrs Freeman.

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