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School Dinners

Children can either have a school dinner or bring in a packed lunch. As of September, until further notice all children will be eating their lunch in their classrooms. Therefore, if your child would like a school dinner, they must continue to have school dinners all week. Children cannot swap and change their order pattern.

If you are providing a packed lunch, please ensure it is a healthy lunch. Children are not allowed to bring in chocolate, crisps or sweets on a Monday. Please check the below website for some healthy packed lunch ideas.

Change4life Lunch Recipes

The daily cost for a school dinner is £2.18. Meals are free to all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, and to those in Years 3-6 that qualify for free school meals. If you are unsure about your eligibility please complete a Pupil Premium form by clicking here or visit our Pupil Premium page for more information.

School Meal Breakdown

Cost per day = £2.18
Cost per week = £10.90
The cost for the Autumn term will be £211.46 which is broken down as follows:
• Autumn Term 2020 1st half of term = £106.82 (49 days)
• Summer Term 2020 2nd half of term = £104.64 (48 days)

Please ensure your account is in credit as once an account has an overdue balance of £25, we cannot supply a school dinner and you will be asked to bring in a packed lunch until this balance is cleared.

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