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Australia Day

You would have heard that the bushfires in Australia have ravaged at least 4 million hectares of land. This has included the loss of 500 million animals/creatures (and it's rising) and at least 8000 koalas in NSW alone (1/3 of the their population).

As a result of an assembly in the first week of term, the children have decided they want to fundraise for the catastrophe and we are going to sponsor koalas alongside donating to the bushfire appeal.

AUSTRALIA DAY MONEY RAISED Thank you so much for your support with our fundraising effort for the bushfires in Australia. We managed to persuade a total of 20 schools to participate in various events. We raised a massive £781! The koalas listed at the end of the newsletter were chosen by the children to be sponsored by their class. The remaining money was donated to the conservation foundation. The koala hospital purchased property not far from the Koala hospital for conservation and plantation to harvest leaf for the hospitalised koalas and help them to reintegrate back into the wild. The 230 acres is about 10km from the koala hospital. The children are really keen to have an acre named as “Morden Primary” but unfortunately the donation needs to be $2000 and we didn’t quite make that target. I am so proud of the efforts of our children and the generosity of all our community – THANK YOU. In addition, the artwork, creative writing and cross curricular work as result of children being inspired has been stunning!