Welcome to Gold Class

My name is Mrs Torreiro; I’m the teacher in Year 6, Gold Class. Helping in our class this year we have Miss Casserly and Miss Williams. Mr Carrington will be working with us for maths and literacy sets and Mr Tyler will be teaching music.

We’re going to have a great year because I love Year 6 so much! There are so many great opportunities at the top of the school: Head girl and boy leading the pupil leadership team, with all the wonderful House Captains; running stalls at the Summer Fair; borough sports competitions to take part in; running the French cafe (fingers crossed); and of course the wonderful trip to Chessington to celebrate a wonderful primary school experience. 

Some of the topics we’re going to cover include Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece (my personal favourite!) and the Early Islamic Empire; as well as Our Changing World in geography along with an indepth study of Eastern Europe. We also get to read some of the best children’s literature in our whole class reading such as Once by Morris Gleitzman and The Garbage King by Elizabeth Laird.

I can’t wait to start our Year 6 adventure in Gold Class. Check back here regularly for class letters, learners of the week and more.

Sayers Croft 2021

Learners of the Week

Autumn Term 2021

10th Sept – Anisia15th Oct – Aiden3rd Dec – Shubani
17th Sept – Diana22nd Oct – Jibran10th Dec – Ajay
24th Sept – Sebastian12th Nov – Mahdiya17th Dec – Julia
1st Oct – Frankie19th Nov – Diana
5th Oct – Amber26th Nov – Denis

Spring Term 2022

14th Jan – Russell25th Feb – Hanan1st Apr – Benedicta
21st Jan – Jibran4th Mar – Lilymay
28th Jan – Aliyana11th Mar – Hamza
4th Feb – Masroor18th Mar – Beatrix
11th Feb – Sofia25th Mar – Aiden

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Long Term Plan