Pupil Leadership Team

We believe children becoming leaders has a positive impact on our school. Pupil Voice is essential at Morden and we have a strong PLT (Pupil Leadership Team). The PLT comprises of a Head Girl and Head Boy; Y6 House Captains (who lead the 5 hummingbird teams); Y5 Sports Leaders and our School council members. PLT regularly meet with the Senior Leadership team to share their ideas for school improvement.

Head Boy and Head Girl

The application process for Head Girl/Boy is rigorous and democratic. Year 6 children prepare a speech and deliver it to KS2 children detailing how they demonstrate Morden Values and why they would be a great leader. Each class and staff member then votes for one boy and one girl.

These children represent the school at events, show guests and visitors around, talk to parents and be responsible for organising events or development of other projects. They meet with the Senior Leadership team and discuss school matters from a pupil’s perspective.

Meet the team

Head Girl

Head Boy

Deputy Head Girl

Deputy Head Boy

2022 – 2023 PLT Summer Report

House Captains

Each of the School’s Hummingbird Teams (Xantus, Zafira, Rufous, Comet and Firecrown) have two captains who are responsible for collecting team points, encouraging and motivating younger pupils in their houses. Year 6 children write a speech and deliver this to their entire hummingbird team (Reception – Year 6) who then vote for two children to represent their team for the year.