Reception Teacher

Mrs Hume


My name is Mrs Hume I am the class teacher in Yellow Class (Reception) and the subject lead at Morden Primary School for PE.

Reception is a wonderful year of schooling as there is a perfect balance between child led learning (learning through play) and teacher-initiated learning in preparation for Year 1. Reception is also the year of growth. The children enter the classroom in September with limited phonic knowledge and exit the year reading and writing short sentences!

I love watching the children play and interact with their peers, using vocabulary and concepts that had been taught in our lessons.

The environment is accessible to all of the children, allowing them to choose what activities/resources they would like to work with to demonstrate their learning/develop new ideas.

There is a topic each half term that acts as a provocation for learning, however this topic is flexible as I often follow the lead and interests of the children. By doing so, learning is meaningful, motivating, relative and exciting!

Though I am flexible and adaptable teacher, I ensure that all the pupils acquire the skills and knowledge required to achieve their Early Learning Goals.

Our first topic in Yellow Class is ‘Magic, Marvellous Me’ which is a brilliant start to the year as we learn about each other in depth. It allows the children plenty of opportunity to be proud of themselves.  This is a great topic to establish relationships with one another, ready for the year ahead! ​

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