At Morden, we are committed to ensuring that all children make good progress in school and that a great many of these will make better than expected progress.

Teachers and senior leaders are constantly monitoring progress throughout the school. Our termly assessments of pupils’ progress are discussed by the class teacher and senior leaders. Parents receive feedback about the progress that their children are making. Our tracking of pupils’ progress helps us to understand when pupils might benefit from additional help, and also helps the school understand the impact of teaching and learning.

KS2 Results Attainment2023 MPS2023 Nat
Expected in R,W,& M Combined53%59%
Working Deeper R,W, M combined10%8%
Expected in Reading67%73%
Working in greater depth – Reading33%29%
Expected in Writing67%71%
Working in greater depth – Writing13%13%
Expected in Maths63%73%
Working in greater depth – Maths33%24%
Expected in GPS77%72%
Working in greater depth – GPS27%49%
KS2 Results Progress2023 MPS2023 Nat
Year 1 Phonics Results Attainment2023 MPS2023 Nat
Whole class90%79%
Pupil Premium100%n/a
Non Pupil Premium90%n/a
Year 2 Phonics (chn doing re-check)2023 MPS2023 Nat
Children taking re-check who achieved WA60%55%
% of Y2 WA (Cumulative)93%78%
KS1 Results Attainment2023 MPS2023 Nat
Expected in R,W,& M Combined63%56%
Working Deeper R,W, M combined10%6%
KS1 Reading EXS87%68%
KS1 Reading GDS30%19%
KS1 Writing EXS77%60%
KS1 Writing GDS17%8%
KS1 Maths EXS77%70%
KS1 Maths GDS23%16%
EYFS Results Attainment2023 MPS2023 Nat
% at GLD60%67% (Provisional)
Reading Expected93%Due 30th Nov 20023
Writing Expected77%Due 30th Nov 20023
Maths Expected (Number)87%Due 30th Nov 20023
Maths Expected (Numerical Patterns)90%Due 30th Nov 20023