Hummingbird Teams

At Morden, every child receives a hummingbird achievement card and can work towards earning stickers for demonstrating their personal best. Children aim to earn bronze, silver, gold and platinum certificates and badges. When a platinum hummingbird certificate and badge has been achieved, children work towards being awarded with a special hummingbird badge.

Why the hummingbird? In Native American culture, the hummingbird symbolizes hope for accomplishing that which seems impossible. Our hope is that every child who walks through our door accomplishes their personal best.

There are various ways for children to gain hummingbird stickers. These may include:

  • when a child produces class work or home learning of an outstanding standard;
  • using their initiative;
  • going the ‘extra mile’ academically, socially, artistically or in sport;
  • showing kindness to others in exceptional or special circumstances.

Hummingbird stickers are also given to those children demonstrating the Morden Values (Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Challenge and Teamwork). At Morden we value children striving to be the best they can be.

From Reception, children are placed into one of the 5 Hummingbird teams. The children remain in this team for their entire learning journey at Morden Primary.

These teams are:






Watch our hummingbird presentation