Who’s Who at Morden Primary School

SLT Team


Mrs P. Blow

Deputy Headteacher

Miss A. Diamant

AHT & Inclusion Manager

Mr J. Carrington

Teaching Team

Nursery Teacher

Miss A. Jarman

Nursery Teacher

Mr L. Marlow

Reception Teacher

Miss J. Fursland

Y1 Teacher

Mrs G. Smith

Y2 Teacher

Mrs D. Hume

Y3 Teacher & SLT

Mrs B. Danaher

Y4 Teacher

Mrs P. Barbour

Y5 Teacher

Mr M Tyler

Y6 Teacher & SLT

Mrs R. Torreiro

Year 3/6 Maths Sets Teacher, PPA Cover, Maths Learning Leader

Mrs M. Green

Support Team


Mrs K. Rogers

HLTA Early Reading/SALT specialism, EYFS/KS1 Interventions, PPA cover

Miss R. Doel

Year 4 support

Mrs J. Davies

Y4 support, First Aid, Deputy Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs L. Dorrian

Year 3 support

Mrs A. Flint

Nursery support

Mrs D. Gerrish

Year 1 support

Mrs A. Laslau

Year 5 support

Mrs L. Lloyd

Year 2 support

Mrs M. Mann

EYFS/Y1 support

Mrs S. Messett

Year 6/5 support

Mrs L. Noonan

Year 2 support

Mrs K. Rajendran

Year 5 support

Mrs S. Ryan

Sport Teams Leader, Y3 support

Mr M. Smith

Reception support

Miss M. Smith

Reception support

Mrs J. Stubbs

Year 6 support

Mrs T. Tapadar

Y6/2 Support

Miss C. Williams

Office Team

PA to HT, Senior Administrator

Mrs J. Freeman

Attendance & Admissions Administrator

Miss H. Cockett

School Business Manager, Clerk to the Governors

Mrs M. Ryle

Site Manager

Mr J. Bowtell

IT Manager, Computing Learning Lead

Mr K. Hill

Midday Supervision Team

Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs C. Ryan

Midday Meal Supervisor

Mrs L. Dyke

Midday Meal Supervisor

Mrs T. Hunt

Midday Meal Supervisor

Mrs L. McDermott

Midday Meal Supervisor

Mrs A. Tahir

Kitchen Team

School Chef

Mrs A. Lindo

School cook

Mrs K. Kumaran