Online Safety

In today’s digital world, where it seems everything has an internet connection, having the knowledge and confidence to stay safe is imperative. We embed online safety throughout the curriculum and elements can be seen in almost every lesson using digital technology as part of the learning resources. It’s very easy to say “the internet is dangerous” – “don’t use the internet when you’re on your own” etc, but the internet is an amazing resource and this was highlighted in the pandemic. Without the internet children would not have seen their friends, they would not have seen their educators, they would not have had that interaction they needed.

We strive to give the children the skills they need to be independent learners and keep themselves safe. However we strongly encourage their online usage to be shared with their “trusted adult”. This is a term we use a lot and identifies adults in and out of school who they can share their online experiences with. By sharing their online experience, it gives us all the opportunity to be role models in how to stay safe and be respectful and accepting of other views and opinions. An online world where no one trolls or bullies would be a wonderful place and our children, along with those around the world, could make it happen!

This page will act similarly to one of our learning walls in class. The page will grow and change as the digital world around us develops. Below are some useful links to external websites that provide advice for parents and children. We hope you find them useful.

One of our Morden community emailed in suggesting this particular link on keeping children safe while on YouTube. The article advertises some parental control apps, we are not affiliated with any of these and do not endorse any application over another. It is something you would need to do your own research on and decide which one if any is best for your particular situation. However, we do think that parental control applications are a fanctastic way of keeping young people safe online.

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