Nursery Teachers

Miss Jarman

Mr Marlow


Hi our names are Mr Marlow and Miss Jarman and we are the Nursery class teachers.

Nursery is a wonderous place of learning not only about the world around us, but growing socially, emotionally and as individuals already striving to reach our personal best! The learning that takes place in the early years provides the foundation for learning, growth and development which has a remarkable impact on children’s future. Here at Morden, our aim is to see all children develop a love for learning, and this starts in Nursery. Our EYFS classrooms, inside and out, are set up to spark curiosity, to provide children with opportunities to think creatively and critically, and to use their imagination to build upon their experiences and own ideas.

In Nursery, we provide a range of adult-led activities which include ‘Foundations for Phonics’ to ensure children are well equipped for the learning that takes place in Reception class. All the activities that take place are fun and active, ensuring children enjoy the process of problem solving when learning something new.

Whilst adult-led activities are important, learning through play, where children are able to develop their own ideas and build upon their own learning experiences, is equally prioritised at Morden. Play is one of the main ways in which children learn and develop. It helps to build self-worth by giving children a sense of their own abilities and to feel good about themselves. Because it’s fun, children often become very absorbed in what they are doing which develops their ability to maintain focus.

In Nursery, we acknowledge the importance of uninterrupted play so that children have time to develop their ideas and interests. Our highly experienced EYFS staff, skilfully intervene when appropriate to extend play scenarios and incorporate opportunities for literacy and mathematical development to take place within play scenarios. Whether this be encouraging children to make marks on paper to represent words or directions on a treasure map, or to think about the shape and size of the blocks needed to build a rocket ship to fly into space, our staff are emersed in the play scenario!

Outdoor learning is also a priority at Morden. In Nursery, we have access to play and explore outdoors whatever the weather! We provide children with wet weather overalls to ensure they are able to use our excellent outdoor area in all seasons and weather conditions. 

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